Myjestix Cornhole is a Professional Cornhole Company that provides the Cornhole Community Pro Bags, Boards, Gear and Merch. Our Bags are Professional, Pro Bags and are currently being used by ACO Pros on the Myjestix Team, as well as other ACO pros who just love Myjestix bags. Soon to be used in the ACL, but our submission is currently waiting for the next season approval.

Myjestix Cornhole is a not just a Cornhole Brand. We have a few things in the works for the industry that are currently Patent Pending. And when we’re 100% ready… we’ll be dropping some bombshells. We’re super excited and are looking forward to them all, just like all of our customers!

Myjestix Cornhole is Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, with Locations in Georgia, West Virginia and Kentucky. Myjestix was started by Jay King in 2019. Though the company was being worked on since… with the major grind happening in 2020… and Launched in 2021… we are not new to the game. At All. And we sure as heck are not just a website. Unlike many of the “Companies” in the Cornhole World that are out there. We are an actual Cornhole Company. It takes a lot to build a company. Especially a cornhole company. From designs to bag creation, Prototyping, Licensing, to the sponsorship of players & so much more… it took sleepless nights. Blood, Sweat and Tears to create Myjestix Cornhole. We are set out to create a few Player Locations, where Cornhole Players all over the world, can come and play at our “Giant Warehouses” if you’d like to call them that. A Place to hold tournaments, come and play daily, hold events, parties, blind draws and much more… We don’t want to spoil the surprise!

We really studied everything there is to know about cornhole, to the point where even good bags, were not good enough for us. Finally, when we mastered our craft, the possibilities became endless for us. So, we continue to keep creating and keep launching the newest, most bad ass bags there are. For Kids, Youth, Beginners, Intermediate, Competitive, Advanced, Amateur and Pro Players… we have bags for everyone!


We are launching Myjestix with a point. We will NOT take forever sending you your orders, we will NOT sell something we do not have. We will NOT take pre-orders and take months to fulfill your bag requests. We worked very long and hard to be a company that can provide you with a reliable solution for Cornhole Bags. Not just cornhole bags… but great, quality, pro bags, without you ever having to wait for a week, multiple weeks, a month or months. We refuse to conduct business like that.