Chris Seaton, 30 Years old, Sponsored by Myjestix Cornhole and Part of the Myjestix Team. Along with his Wife, Son and Soon to be little one that is currently on the way, him and his family are now part of the Myjestix Family. Seaton has been playing cornhole for 1 ½ years. After watching his Favorite Pro Player Kyle Anderson play, he decided he wanted to become a major player in the game himself. With only playing Competitively for 1 year, Chris moved up the latter rapidly and is now rocking it in the ACO with his Pro Status kicking in June 2021. With Ranking 3rd in Arkansas in Singles and having an Overall Ranking of 62nd in ACO Singles in the World, Seaton isn’t nearly done yet.
Rank: 3rd in Arkansas
Rank: 62nd Worldwide ACO
Blind Draws - Dubs: W: 34 - L: 9
Regionals - Singles: W: 68 - L: 14
Regionals -Dubs: W: 29 - L: 8
Nationals - Dubs: W: 12 - L: 4
Nationals - Singles: W: 32 - L: 12
3 ACO Regional Championships
Name: Chris Seaton
Position: ACO
Sponsor: Myjestix Cornhole
Sponsor: BKC Boards
Age: 30
State: Arkansas