Care for Myjestix Bags:

Store your bags in a dry and cool location that is out of direct sunlight. Try Investing in a Myjestix All Out Duffel Bag. Do not Put your bags on Heaters. Use a Blow Dryer or anything that intensifies Natural Heat, as it can loosen seams, stitching and or destroy fabric.


Play in areas that have a soft surface, such as grass or carpet. Parking lots, concrete areas, and areas that contain rocks can cause ripping, tearing or puncture holes in the bags.

Be cautious in lending bags. Other players may not treat the bags with the care to keep them in good condition.


Cleaning Myjestix Bags:

Fill a container large enough to hold the bags you need to clean with warm water and Hair Conditioner. Most any brand of Hair Conditioner. Do not use hair conditioner that is hard colored and that will dye or stain fabric.


Leave bags to soak for a few hours and overnight, depending on your preference. Lightly massage the bags with your hands. Rinse well in cool water to remove all the hair conditioner from the inside and outside of the bag.


Place in an area to dry that is not in direct sunlight (this could fade material).


DO NOT USE WASHING MACHINES OR DRYERS! This could affect the integrity of the bag seams and clog the machine.


Breaking in New Bags:

The best way to break in bags is throwing them. All of our bags break in pretty quickly once you start throwing with them. We don’t recommend any other way to break them in, as it could affect the integrity of the bag seams, clog the machine and put additional wear on your bags that is not intended.

We do not recommend washing machines and dryers! If they get damaged in a way that is not a manufacturer defect, then we DO NOT warranty that. We will know the difference when you send us the pictures of the bags.


Anything further, is at your own risk.