Jay King, 32 Years old, Owner, Creator and Operator of Myjestix Cornhole. Jay has spent years creating Myjestix Cornhole, from 2019, making things really happen in 2020 to be able to make it a reality in 2021. As a Previous Sponsored Skateboarder and Successful Entrepreneur, he fell in love with the Cornhole World a little over 10 Years back. Making him want to create his own cornhole company, develop his own crew/team and bring new, innovative things to the Cornhole Industry. And beyond Eager to make all Myjestix Bags in House, it has been quite the journey for him. Myjestix Cornhole is finally a reality and is taking the cornhole world by storm.
Name: Jay King
Position: Myjestix Owner
Age: 32
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio
Facebook: facebook.com/myjestixcornhole
Company: Myjestix Cornhole | Myjestix.com
I’m always asked: What drove you to create Myjestix cornhole? And it’s hard to answer that question. I set out to create Myjestix in 2019, as I started many companies in my life and have been working with industries globally for years. But I sure as hell didn’t know how hard it was going to be. I wanted to create a cornhole company that adapted features from other companies, but also separated itself from other companies. I have quite a few patents in the works and plan on releasing those innovative things to the cornhole world soon. I wanted to create a company, a brand, a team and fix a lot of the issues that are in the cornhole industry today. Such as treating players good, making them part of the team, providing them what they deserve when sponsored and much more. I wanted to create a company that can provide Pro Bags and deliver them without the customers waiting months. A company that is transparent, hands on and a company that provides quality Pro Cornhole Bags that are always available. In addition, I wanted to have some fun and switch things up. Such as creating bags for Kids, creating Wonder Drops, offering a decent selection of Limited Release Bags, Bag Drops and when creating Mystery Boxes… I want them to be awesome, unique, and much more. I have an interview lined up with a few companies and you can get the full rundown there, as well as a great Q&A from a Pretty big company that approached me, that will be released soon. I’ll keep everyone updated on that.