Joey Mattingly, 36 Years old, Sponsored by Myjestix Cornhole and Part of the Myjestix Team. Along with his 4 Kids, him and his family are now part of the Myjestix Family. Joey has been playing cornhole for 11 years. He started playing competitively after attending a few blind Draws with his favorite ACL Player Lester Price. After that, he started playing competitively for only 1 year . Through that 1 year, his skills picked up quick, as he quickly started rocking it in the ACO in September of 2020. Ranked 303 in the World and Ranked 55 in state of Kentucky, Joey continues to rise in rankings, and is getting ready to rank up to the top 100th player in the world.
Rank: 55th in Kentucky ACO
Rank: 303rd Worldwide ACO
Blind Draws - Dubs: W: 23 - L: 4
Regionals - Singles: W: 34 - L: 8
Regionals - Dubs: W: 29 - L: 9
19 ACO Regional Wins
15 ACO Major Wins
Name: Joseph Mattingly
Position: ACO
Sponsor: Myjestix Cornhole
Age: 36
State: Kentucky
Instagram: @coachmattinglyjoey