John Stansbury, ACO PRO, is 46 years old, Sponsored by Myjestix Cornhole and Part of the Myjestix Team. Along with his Wife Dana, Daughter Brooklyn and Son Justin who rocks the boards as well, are all officially now part of the MX Team and MX Family. John has been playing Cornhole for about 3 years and about 2 years competitively. Coming out of the woodwork, he straight punishes. Known as “Facebook Famous” for constantly whooping ass, John holds many honors that are only given to hard working and skilled players. Such as Ranking the #2 best player in North Carolina, out of well.. A LOT. And ranking #37 in the World. Which is by no means an easy thing to do. He has also obtained the honor of becoming part of the famous, ACO Corny Forty. Which is only given to the top 40 best players worldwide. He competed and beat 22 ACO Pros this season to get where he is at. And no is officially part of Team Myjestix. Him and his family!
Global Rank: 37th
Honors: Corny Forty
Rank: 2nd in North Carolina
Season 16 Blind Draws: 56 wins
Regionals Single 1st Place Wins: 2
Regionals Single 2nd Place Wins: 4
Majors Single Positions: 4th, 9th, 13th, 25th
Name: John Stansbury
Position: ACO PRO
Honors: Corny Forty
Sponsor: Myjestix Cornhole
Age: 46
State: North Carolina