Kanon Garret is a player with straight style. And a style that drops jaws. He started playing cornhole within the last year… but boy did he take off. After is dad told him to tag along to a blind draw… he was officially hooked. Playing 3-4 hours a day every day. With his parents being tremendously supportive, his dad, a cornhole lover and player himself, a heck of a mom who raised a “Prodi-G”, and his girlfriend Abby who pushes him to always do better… this only pushed Kanon to move drastically up the ranks. And Fast. Constantly playing with his Buddy Puddin’, they just kept destroying blind draw after blind draw. Which took him the the TCL and much further. After going to a Tourney, with some Majorrr Players in Cornhole, ACO Pros, ACL Pros as well as other very talented Players… Kanon came out on top, shot after shot, and put them to sleep. And this is why we call him the Prada-G. Because that’s what he is. He’s going to be a force to be reckoned with in Season 17 of the ACO. Where he’ll Go Pro. Especially with his Favorite Player Chris Seaton by his side!
Started playing cornhole within that Last Year.
Plays: TCL – ACO Season 17
Wins: 50-15 playing in ACL, TCL and ACO events
Overall Wins: A lot
Blind Draw Partner: Chris Seaton & Puddin’
Singles: Coming to the ACO Season 17 near you
Bags: MX Homiez’, Dude Man Broz’ & Saggy Bagz’
Name: Kanon Garrett
Nickname: Prada-G
Age: 18
State: Arkansas
Sponsor: Myjestix Cornhole
Position: Soon to be ACO Season 17
Facebook: Click here to Check Kanon Out!