Stacy Vangilder “Killer”, 33 Years old, Sponsored by Myjestix Cornhole and Part of the Myjestix Team. With the additional sponsor: BKC Boards, by far the best made Pro Boards in the U.S. Stacy is now officially part of the Myjestix Family. Stacy is fairly new to cornhole, and started playing competitively, around 3 months ago late into the ACO Season. But quickly Rising in the ranks, game after game, Myjestix knew what they were looking at. We had to pick her up. She has Talent, Style and she can THROW. Soon to be going ACO, she’s going to be playing hard the whole way with the Myjestix Team by her side. With season 17 coming up, you can bet that with her energy, skill and mindset, she will be there.
Started playing cornhole 3 months ago late into the ACO season 16
Ranked: 192 in women’s singles
Regionals: 2x Podium Placed
Overall: 24-12
Coed partner: Chris Seaton
Bags: The MX Glamourz'
Boards: BKC Boards
Name: Stacy Vangilder
Nickname: Killer
Age: 33
State: Arkansas
Sponsor: Myjestix Cornhole
Sponsor: BKC Boards
Position: Soon to be ACO Season 17