Always be on the lookout for Wonder Drops. They could be anytime. Wonder Drops are meant to be fun. Plain and Simple. They have no schedule to be released. We could have 1 Wonder drop one month. 2 the next month & 4 the month after. They’re completely random and will be announced the Day of. So always be looking and checking our Website &Facebook! Sometimes they will lead to Bag Drops, sometimes they will not. To sum up a Wonder Drop… you are basically able to get a set of bags that are not yet released at all. Not available for sale by us, and won’t be, unless we choose to make it a Bag Drop. Which is Rarely the Case.

Limited Release Bags have already been Made, have been through extensive Testing, have been assured to be A+ and ready to launch. When it comes to Limited Release bags, we only offer X amount of those bags to the cornhole community and they are rare to have, as they will not always be available for purchase after being sold out.
It’s us experimenting with different fill, fabrics, designs and more. It allows the customers to kind of have fun with bag experiments along the way and get a never released before or never released again, Myjestix team only has them Bags. Wonder Drops are drops that allow the YOU, the Customers, not just people on a ”need to know basis” like many other companies, the chance at actually getting bags beyond early release, and getting bags that we’re working up in a protype phase, that will eventually lead to Bag Drops. Well, not necessarily Prototype Phase, but a few phases after that. Of course, the Myjestix Team will already have played with them, they would have gone through testing, to know that they are worthy enough to be played with in any game. And instead of there being about 50-100 available for purchase, like the Limited Release Sets… When we release a Wonder Drop, we are only releasing anywhere between 1 – 25 of them. They are going to be a very rare bag to have and there will be no other bags like it, only the Myjestix Team will have them. No design like it ect…
Bag Drops are like other companies bag drops of course. Only a limited amount Released, possibly some variations and that’s that. Kick ass bags, and again… they will be rare to have. The first chunk of wonder drops most likely won’t turn into Bag drops, because we already have many bags we are eager to drop to everyone that are here, behind the scenes… waiting… to be released. We can’t release every single bag at once unfortunately. That takes the fun out of it! And… some of our stuff is also going from patent pending too fully patented. As well as the Myjestix Team taking them on tour to show them off, because they’re awesome. Myjestix Bag Drops are super fun, awesome and allows you to own a set of bags that are not out there, only a select few will have them and bags that won’t be out there again.