Zach Mitchell, 31 Years old, Sponsored by Myjestix Cornhole and Part of the Myjestix Team. Along with his Wife, Bre Mitchell, and 11-year-old Son Jordan Mitchell (soon to be rocking Juniors) him and his family are now part of the MX Team and MX Family. Zach has been playing Cornhole for about 2 years and competitively for 1.5 years. All of his hard work has paid off, as we won 1st place in the Arkansas Singles in Season 16. As well as finishing as the top 65 in worlds. And coming in strong with his doubles partner, for 33rd, which is incredible. In addition to being a bad ass, Zach obtains the current status of the 80TH best player worldwide. Zach is on his way to win the World Championships in Season 17 of the ACO and is riding with Myjestix all the way!
Pitch Style- Stand
Pitch Hand-Right
ACO Rank Doubles-32nd
Arkansas State Champion
Ranked-3rd in Arkansas
Big South Conference Rank- Top 10
Scoreholio Global Rank: #138
Name: Zach Mitchell
Position: ACO PRO
Sponsor: Myjestix Cornhole
Age: 31
State: Arkansas