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The Myjestix Diamondz' – Speed Rating 5/7

Do you have a cut shot in your Arsenal or a natural 45 on your throw? Do you want a bag that fits all aspects? Blocks? Drags? Rolls and Pushes? Show off your Diamondz’ with optimal cut shot ability. This bag will create a new line of center on any shot allowing you to wow your opponents and anyone watching. This bag is slightly thinner than the DMB’s with a felt-feeling cloth on the slow slide.

Feedback Speed Scale: 5/7

Note: Feedback Speeds are based on the average response speeds that we gathered through large groups of players who have tested the bag and gave their feedback regarding the speed scale. We like to describe our bags uniquely here at Myjestix, because a Cookie Cutter Speedchart is missing the major key variable, and that is “How the Player Throws”. This makes the normal speed charts almost pointless. So, our speeds are gathered & created from using feedback, data, and specific case studies from a large group of beginners, intermediate, advanced, and Pro players. 


Contains: 1 Set of Bags – 4 Bags Total

6" x 6" x 1" – Regulation Size

1 LB -  Regulation Weight

Quality Material, Stitching and Seams

Dual Sided - Variable Speeds & Strategy Control

Premium Pro Fill – Flops, Rolls and Drags

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