Dude Man

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Dude Man's

People will be saying "Dude!", "Man"  when they see how this bag performs! This is a fast bag meant for finesse players that like to slide up and in.  Great for sneaking around and pushing through blocker bags! 

It has a fuller small disk fill similar to our Illusion bag! This blend gives you great control when trying to throw push shots or air mails!  

Bag is not meant for blocking. Slow side is still able to block if played right. Fast side is consistent through all conditions and great for push shots, going through or around blockers!

Speed: 7/9



  • Our bags are compliant with ACL bag specifications
  • Durable construction! Bag is made of high quality materials with double stitching inside and out! 
  • Dual Sided - variable speeds & strategy control
  • Premium fill - This blend gives you the best feel in your had with while being unbelievably hole friendly! 
  • Four (4) bags per set
  • Made in the USA!

We take great pride in the durability of our bags. Some bags are made with delicate materials that are extremely hole-friendly but prone to snags, pulls, and runs. We recommend that all playing surfaces are checked for roughness or anything that could snag the fabric before you play. These cosmetic defects are not covered under warranty, Manufacturer defects are still covered.

Orders of 5 sets or less will be shipped USPS Priority with a 2-3 day ETA.
Orders of more than 5 sets will typically be shipped UPS Ground with a 3-6 day ETA.